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How can I test my server’s response time and connectivity?

Response times can be checked using looking glass. Under Router, check the St. Petersburg locations. As client’s servers are located in the same data center as our website server, you can check response times by entering chipcore.com under Host.

How do I install an operating system on my server?

Operating systems can be installed from the control panel. If you’d like to install an OS that we do not offer, we can provide a KVM over IP console. A free one-time KVM over IP connection can be made by submitting a request via ticket system.

I can’t access my server via SSH. What should I do?

If you cannot connect to your server via SSH for any reason, you can reboot your server from the control panel or use Rescue Mode to restore functionality.

If you cannot solve the problem in Rescue Mode, you can submit a ticket requesting a KVM over IP connection. The KVM over IP connection costs 1000 rubles for 3 hours.

How can I change my server’s configuration? Can I add a hard disk or increase my server’s RAM?

Once a server is in production, it cannot be upgraded. If you’d like to change your configuration, you will have to order a new server with the desired specs and then migrate your data.

Can I rent additional IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses? What bandwidth do you offer? Are there any traffic restrictions?

Every dedicated server is allocated one IPv4 address and a 100 Mbps Internet connection with no traffic restrictions. We do not offer additional IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. If you are interested in additional IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, or additional bandwidth, we suggest leasing a dedicated server from our partner, Selectel.

How can I check the status of my server’s hard disk?

You can check your disk’s status using the smartctl utility. In Windows, disk information can be viewed using CrystalDiskInfo. If the results show a problem, please submit a ticket requesting a replacement disk with the relevant SMART results attached.

Do you offer DDoS mitigation?

We don’t currently offer an AntiDDoS service, but we are working on this. For now, we recommend renting a dedicated server with DDoS protection from our partner, Selectel.

What name servers (NS) can I use for domain delegation?

Any public name server can be used. We recommend delegating your domain on our partner Selectel’s name servers and managing records from their control panel.

How can I set up reverse (ptr, rdns) records?

Please submit a ticket to tech support and our specialists will work with you to set up these records.

Can I transfer an IP address from one server to another?

No. Each IP address is associated with a specific server and cannot be transferred.

My server was disconnected. How long until my data is deleted?

Data is deleted 7 days after a server has been disconnected. You can extend your lease during this time. Please note that after you have topped up your balance, you will have to manually pay for the service in the control panel.

I’ve paid for my server. When will it be available?

Depending on our current workload, it usually takes a few hours to install the operating system and set up access.

Why does the payment period end on a different day each month?

The minimum payment period is one 30-day month.

What are the conditions for returns?

For money to be returned from your account, the following documents must be provided.

For individuals:

For legal entities:

  • letter of request;
  • document confirming assignee’s authority to act, the signature should match that on the letter of request.

Please note:

  • monetary returns are possible only when the information in the letter of request matches the Customer’s account information;
  • monetary returns may only be transferred to the Customer’s settlement account;
  • monetary returns cannot be transferred to a third party account, even upon the Customer’s request.

Letters of request can be delivered to our office in person or by mail:
Mailing address: Selectel, PO Box 56, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Office address: Tsvetochnaya Ul. 21, St. Petersburg, Russia

How can I change my account information?

You can change your contact information by submitting a request via ticket system.

How can I transfer my server to a new owner?

To do this, your server will have to be transferred to another account. You will have to:

  • register a new account for another individual or organization;
  • add enough funds to the account to pay for the service;
  • submit a ticket from both accounts confirming the transfer and indicating when the the transfer should be made.

How can I get closing documents for a legal entity’s bookkeeping?

We can prepare closing documents (VAT invoices and bills) for each calendar month based on the services provided in the previous calendar month. Scanned copies of documents will be available under 'Balance' - 'Documents', and we can send originals by certified mail to your organization’s mailing address, as entered under 'Home'.

How are contracts concluded? How can legal entities receive a paper copy of the contract?

In accordance with Paragraph 3 Article 434 of the Civil Code of Russia, potential clients can review the terms and conditions of our public offer during registration and can accept them by checking the appropriate boxes on the registration form. In accordance with Paragraph 3 Article 438 of the Civil Code of Russia, the contract between our company and the customer is considered concluded in writing when the customer has accepted the offer by making their first payment. We normally create a written copy of the contract after the initial payment has been made. The contract is prepared in duplicate, signed, and sent to the Customer’s mailing address. If a customer wishes to receive a paper copy of the contract before making a payment, they may submit a request via ticket system.