Chipcore Has Joined Selectel — The Same Low Prices, All New Options

1What happened?

You can now order our servers through Selectel. Chipcore still offers the same high-performance servers at low prices, but with added options and benefits from Selectel.

2Is this a merger? Did you sell the business?

Chipcore has always been a part of Selectel; we decided to reorganize the project to make it easier to use.

3Did Chipcore physically relocate to a new data center?

No, and we do not plan on moving either. Servers will continue to be hosted in the same Selectel data center, and you can still use the Chipcore control panel.

4How will the service change now?

The main elements of Chipcore will not change: prices, quality, and project functions. The only difference is that more options will now be available to your business.

5What are these new options?
6How will this affect new clients?

New clients can no longer register in the Chipcore control panel, and new Chipcore servers can only be ordered from the Selectel control panel.

7Do existing clients have to switch to the new panel?

We strongly advise it, especially if your projects continue to grow and you plan to expand your infrastructure with Selectel. Manage all of your services from a single control panel, consult with technical support, and pay for all of your services from one account. As of November 20, you will no longer be able to order servers from the Chipcore control panel.

You can register now in the control panel and read about ordering servers in our knowledge base.

8Can I just keep my account at Chipcore instead of registering at

Yes, if you are more comfortable working with the Chipcore control panel, you can continue using it.

9How can I order new servers?

You can no longer order servers from the Chipcore control panel. Register in the Selectel control panel at and open the Servers page. More information can be found in our knowledge base.

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